Longbox Graveyard is talking about Space Goat Presents

Longbox Graveyard seems to like what we’re doing.

The Big Goat himself — Shon Bury — and Space Goat principals (and Malibu Comics alums) Dave Olbrich and Tom Mason are all friends of Longbox Graveyard, and they’ve provided me with a PDF pre-release of Space Goat Presents. I haven’t yet read every story, but what I’ve seen is very cool, with contents as varied as a blood-soaked sword-and-planet tale, horror, paranormal, and my personal favorite — Big Game Hunters, a steampunk-style adventure tale written by Shon Bury, and illustrated by Jok & Estudio Haus, featuring a zeppelin with a cyclops skull on the prow!

You can read their whole article here.