Space Goat Productions

Established in 2006 by comic-book veteran Shon C. Bury, Space Goat Productions, LLC, is the comic book industry’s premier talent management agency and production studio. We have a leadership team with collectively over 100 years of comicbook experience, access to hundreds of artists, and an unparalleled support staff of designers, manufacturers, and marketers. These resources place Space Goat in a unique position to help our clients produce the best comic books possible and to bring those books to market.

We offer a wide spectrum of services from IP generation to pre-press, with everything else in between. Best of all, we work to meet all budgets.

Our expertise has expanded into video game design, trading cards, concept art, and interactive digital comics for many of the biggest companies and brands in the world. Please stop by our website to see a comprehensive list of our clients and credits.

Shon C. Bury

Veteran comic-book creator Shon C. Bury founded Space Goat Productions in 2006, bringing together several international studios and independent artists to create the industry’s premier talent management agency and production studio. Space Goat Presents is Shon’s small way of promoting the amazing talent his company manages. It’s a small sampling of the vast amount of talent and expertise we bring to the table. Shon wrote Big Game Hunters, Letters from the Bellybutton of the World, Part One, Mr. First, and co-wrote Doorkickers—adding to his long list of published credits along with work from Marvel and DC Entertainment that include Power Pack and Superman Adventures.

Shon lives at Space Goat HQ with three cats. He does not sleep and he eats comics for lunch.

Dave Olbrich

Dave has worked on the business side of publishing for more than twenty-five years. In 1986 he was a founding partner of Malibu Comics, which grew from a four-man operation to one of the top-five comic publishing companies in the United States, with more than ninety employees.

While at Malibu, Dave served as point-man for the organizing and launch of Image Comics. He was the publisher/editor of the comic industry’s first business publication, Comics Business, and served as the founding administrator for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. After a short stint at Marvel Comics—to which Malibu was sold in 1994— he set up his own agency for comic writers and artists. Dave brought his extensive experience to Space Goat Productions in 2009 and has acted as our Vice President since 2012. Dave lives in Southern California with his beautiful wife and daughter. And a hyperactive dog.

Tom Mason

A multi-decade comic book veteran, Tom was one of the co-founders of Malibu Comics and one of the many co-founders of the Ultraverse. His creation, Dinosaurs For Hire, was turned into a video game and optioned for both a TV series and a movie. He hates mean people and war but loves too much… pizza. He occasionally writes and produces TV shows and someone was foolish enough to give him an Emmy for it. Richard Roundtree once kicked his butt in horseshoes. True story.

Tom joined Space Goat Productions in 2011, adding his extensive experience and sarcasm to our leadership team.

Taylor Smith

The newest addition to our talent management team, Taylor started out in the fierce intern pool at Space Goat Productions three years ago and quickly proved himself to be a capable and thorough young man. Devoid of artistic skill, he realized he’d be more effective helping others make their comics and has since been working his dream job. Taylor brings six years of printing experience to the team, as well as a youthful perspective—for whatever that’s worth.

Taylor lives conveniently close to the SGP headquarters in Bellingham, WA, with his fiancée and three cats.